Personal info

My name is Bernadete Claudino, I was born in Serra de São Bento – RN, in Brazil. I love art and since a few years I dedicate myself to painting. To promote my work I decided to create this site.On the next page, you can find more information about me, about how I work and examples of my paintings.
Since I was a child, I have been very inclined towards everything related to nature. My work is based on how I see, imagine and experience nature. My talent was polished by my mother who encouraged me to draw, be creative and interact with everything that relates to crafts and creativity.

During my youth and adulthood, I was inspired by Arts, but only in 2008 I started following up on this inspiration. It began as a hobby, but friends and family encouraged me to professionalize, because they liked my work and believe in my potential. That’s when I started developing my talent with different types of techniques. As of 2011, I dedicated more time to art because I discovered that painting makes my life complete.

Until now, I have been holding individual exhibitions and participated in collective exhibitions. Also I attended events that support what I consider my vocation, to the point that sometimes I think the paint runs in my veins. I consider myself self-taught, because I had to learn almost everything I know on my own before attending some courses to learn new techniques and improve myself. 

In 2018 I completed the three modules of graduation in the technique "Wet on Wet" of floral painting. Then in 2019 I did the postgraduate course with the accompaniment of the instructor and precursor of the technique, Gary Jenkins. With the course, it was possible to explore further creative and practical skills for my work. Therefore, I often say that when you really want something, you can almost always achieve it with effort, enthusiasm and hard work.

My paintings show active colors and soft tones, capable of creating an atmosphere of great effect that transports us to a world made of light and color. Although I sought inspiration for a long time on various themes, I found my passion in flowers and in everyday scenes. Gradually, I also became attracted to more abstract paintings, because they give even more freedom of expression.

Thus, I say with full conviction that life would not be the same without expression through colors and forms. In other words, life would not be the same without art: a human tool to transform the world.
To be an artist is to live a constant discovery. It is to see the world from a new perspective and to be able to reinvent itself: imagining, dreaming, materializing. For a decade I work happily with paint and brushes. And can say that there was not only development in the way my images and dreams were put on the canvas, but also in the person I became in that process. I saw, I lived, I grew up. And as the brazilian writer Martha Medeiros would say “to grow costs, take time, but compensates”. I give here my gratitude to all who supported my work during this trajectory.