During the years I became familiar with various techniques in painting. On this page I present you the different techinques used in my paintings.

Basic rules for conservation of Art Work

1. Keep the work away from all sources of heat such as lamps, candles, fireplace, etc.

2. Avoid direct or excessive light of the sun or artificial light, as both can cause discoloration of the pigments and accelerated aging of paper and other organic materials such as varnishes, glues etc. that become yellowish and brittle.

3. Avoid direct or indirect humidity, which causes the substrates to swell with a considerable increase in weight and a weakens the paint layer, which may also cause insects and other biological agents to appear.

4. The presence of fungi can be observed by the appearance of spots and insects by the excrement, which have the appearance of dust or sawdust. The back of the screen should also be controlled, as they can “install” insects. If you notice small holes in the wood, the presence of grubs or sawdust powder, consult a specialist to eradicate them. If the paint is close to other paintings, check all of them and remove the ones that are infected, so they do not infect the others.