2020 - Life makes us an invitation

After a long winter and the last turbulent weeks of February, we waited for calm weather, but instead a restless time arose. Nature seemed to want to give us a message, and suddenly, we saw the world speed up without anyone waiting. Now the streets are empty, the borders closed, the people isolated ....

Despite this, I understand that as we move forward in these times of change we must be calm - with ourselves and with others - trying to absorb the positive aspects of this experience.

We are all at the beginning of something, experiencing a new way of existing. If you are working less, realize that there is an opportunity to look at yourself; if you stopped taking a trip with a goal outside, realize that you can travel more deeply within yourself.

Life invites us to renew. Observe nature and see how it continues to ooze color even with our pause. The roses continue to bloom, the birds continue to sing ... The rivers have more life and teach us that nature's time is not ours.

I have with me the hope that when all this is over, people will become more human, more loving and aware of what really matters. The earth will breathe again, and with it, we will all be healed soon.